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Company Information

Company Name Ape&SuperApe; Entertainment&InfoTech; P L
Established In2005
Registered Address 303,A Wing Varun Valley Society Ashok Nagar Kandivali East Mumbai:400101
Company Website
Contact NamePradeep Gohil
Company Facebook PageAntique Bank eWW
Company Twitter PageAntiquebanknet
Company Linkedin Page
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
No. Of Employeesless than 50

Contact Person NamePradeep Gohil
Contact Number+91 -9833373441
Role in Company Chairman
Brief Biography We are going to start-up product launch first in India, china and globally plans will be first provide to all nation’s bottoms level common masses their own, families and life non-life business financial, secure and health insured end to end

Areas of Expertise:

eGovernance Consulting, Application Software Development, Cloud or Hosted Services, Data Entry and Transcription Services
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
Radio Rojgar Smart Systems™ eGov Applications Labour & Employment--
Antique Bank Smart Systems™ eGov Applications Citizen Services--
Antique Bank Smart Systems™Our every e-Merge partner would adopt eGov Applications Data Transcription--
Antique Bank Smart Systems™enter into no risk Cloud Bank eGov Applications Other--
Antique Bank™Culprits would be booked in Anti Money Laundering ( eGov Applications Central Security--
Antique Bank Smart Systems™Anti Money Laundering (AML) with Dat eGov Applications Treasury Management--
Antique Bank Smart Systems™zero Corruption, Crime , Carbon and p eGov Applications Citizen Services--
Antique Bank Smart Systems™create completely new (MID) finance s eGov Applications Grievance Management Services--
Antique Bank™ eGov Applications Other--
Certificate TypeCertificate NameValid Till
Quality ''Antique Bank '' Enterprise AppFAME -Showcase of08-Aug-2010
Quality2009 Intel accelerator winner of mobile internet d12-Jul-2025
QualityINNOVATE on +91 Technology Specialist Champion Dat01-Sep-2025
QualityINNOVATE on +91 Technology Specialist Champion Mob11-Dec-2025
QualityINNOVATE on +91 Technology Specialist Champion Web12-Dec-2025
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Transforming Governance: A Decade of
eGov & Next Wave of Governance Reforms

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