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Company Information

Company Name Eagle Software India Private Limited
Company Previous NameNil
Established In2005
Registered Address 35, M.S. Koil Street Royapuram Chennai 600 013 Tamilnadu
Contact NameMr. Sathya Shankar
eGovernance Solution Page
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
Mr. Sathya Shankar +91-4466633601 Eagle Tower, 25, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai 600 006 ChennaiTamil Nadu
No. Of Employees100-250

Contact Person NameMr. P. Rajah Sunder Singh
Contact Number+91 -4466633601
Role in Company Board Member


About the Firm

Eagle Software India Pvt Ltd., is a part
of the renowned 50 years old Eagle
Corporate Group, which has diversified
businesses with significant global market
share in printing technology and security
related solutions. Madras Security
Printers, Eagle Diaries Eagle Press (Pvt)
Ltd and Eagle Software (Pvt) Ltd form
the Eagle Corporate Group. Incidentally,
our group is the 7th largest Security
Printing House in the world based on our
integrity, trust and professionalism.

The core focus of the Company is to
develop innovative technology and
knowledge intensive products in high
growth and strategic areas with primary
focus on security related solutions and
Digital Entertainment. Customer Centric
and Quality have always been the
Organisation’s driving force.

We have expertise in developing
certified operating systems for Smart
Cards and have been privileged to
supply the first 2 million National Identity
Cards for the Government of India. We
supply SIM cards to many telecom
companies across the globe. We are in
the process of getting our card OS and
solutions certified to EAL4+ (Evaluation
Assurance Level) standard and
hopefully we may be the first couple of
companies to reach this milestone from

Eagle Software, has the expertise in
developing solutions for SCOSTA, GSM
and RFID related solutions. As part of
the digital entertainment vertical, we
develop online mobile phone gaming and
valued added services for mobile phone
games. We also deliver customized
services meeting global standards
through contemporary technologies with

Our mission is to create and deliver
intrinsic and extrinsic value for the
company and its customers; to build and
grow with good ethical practices, absorb
best business practices and inculcate
value systems; and to acquire and
inspire talent, technology and

About the Partners

Mr. J.Prathap Singh, Partner, is the
founder of the firm with a rich
experience of more than 5 decades in
the printing industry.

Mr.J.P.Rajah Sunder Singh, Partner,
has about 25 years of experience in the
field of security printing. He has
undergone training abroad and has
good knowledge about the latest
technology in security printing. He
updates himself about the latest
techniques by attending all the
international fairs.

Mr.J.P.Sam Prasad, has about 15 years
experience in the field of security
printing. He has very good knowledge
about the latest technology in security
printing. He updates himself about the
latest techniques by attending all the
international fairs.

Mrs.Poppy Pratap Singh, Partner, wife
of Mr.J.Pratap Singh.

Mrs.Suseela Sundar Singh, Partner, wife
of Mr.J.P.Rajah Sundar Singh

Current Key Projects
• Implementation of
Biometric and Smart Card based Health
Insurance for the Tamil Nadu Chief
Minister’s Insurance Scheme for Life
Saving Surgeries. Total number of
Families targeted is around 15 Million.
More than 10 million cards have been
issued till date.
• Implementation of NREG ID
card in Kerala State of India. 64K
Contactless Smart Card will be used
• Implementation of
Biometric and Smart Card based Rural
Health Insurance for Rashtriya
Swasthya Bima Yojana in Several states
like Gujarat, Bihar, Punjab, Jharkhand,
Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and
Maharasthra. Almost a million cards has
been issued till date.
• Implementation of
Biometric & Smart Card based
Bhamashah project for Financial
Inclusion & Rural Health Insurance,
NREG, Widow & Disability benefit card
for 45 lakh families in Rajasthan.
• Implementation of
Immigration Management & Visa Issuing
System for Government of Rwanda
• Implementation of Online
Lottery Solution for National Lottery
Board, Government of Zimbabwe
• Implementation of Smart
Card based Driving License &
Registration Certificate for Government
of Tamil Nadu.
• Implementation of Eagle
Tracker for tracking Revenue Tax
stickers for Tobacco and Alcohol for
Revenue Authority of Mauritius


1. Smart Card OS -

EAGLE_SCOSTA describes the minimum
support for the application using the
Smart Cards. A SCOSTA compliant
operating system will also be compliant
to the ISO7816-4,-8,-9 and ISO14443
standards. Primary usage of SCOSTA is
in Transport applications (DL & RC). It
can also be used for other applications
like Microfinance / Financial Inclusion
(Banking), National ID card, E-Passport,
PDS ID Card, Health ID Card, Health
Insurance Cards, NREG ID Card, Voter
ID Card; other access cards. SCOSTA
provides proper communication between
card and Terminal. SCOSTA provides
both Global level and Application level
security to the application data stored in
the card using PIN and KEY with 3DES
based cryptography.

2. ID cards - A smart card
based identity designed to verify
aspects of a person's identity. Personal
ID cards typically come in the form of
national ID cards for permanent and
non-permanent residents, social
insurance cards, border transit cards,
prison inmate and military personnel ID
cards. Cardholders enjoy the
convenience of fast identity verification
without waiting in line. Also the privacy
of the data on the chip is effectively
protected, unlike the information on
paper-based identity documents that
can be read by anyone. Issuing
authorities profit from high-level
security, cost-effective administration,
fast and easy verification, as well as
outstanding reliability and durability.
Investment in smart card solutions is
further justified because of their
compatibility with future technological

3. Smart Cards for Rural
Banking Financial Inclusion – A smart
card based end to end technology
solution for Rural Banking & Financial
Inclusion for BPL families. Biometrics are
used to enrol and identify each family
member and supports both Offline
based & Online Banking. The same card
can be used to provide Life & Health
Insurance, PDS, Disability benefits, Old
Age Pension & Widows, Maternity
Benefits, Immunization tracking, etc.

4. Driving License - A smart
card based application helps in speeding
the overall work flow in the Transport
Department and Crime Management.
Increased compliance of penalty
collection management.

• State-of-the-art security
features prevent counterfeiting and
fraudulent use.
• Future-oriented card
systems will mean greater mobility for
most people, because they allow driving
licenses to be read anywhere in the
world using a simple machine-based
• Cardholders benefit from
compact size and robustness of the
card. With this system in place,
travellers have the added convenience
of holding a card with wide international
• Issuing authorities benefit
chiefly from the rapid, simple
verification, international readability,
durability and anti-forgery protection

5. eglPassport – Compliance
to ICAO recommendations for smart
card based passports. The system
enables you to provide Reliable Identity
Management. It is a user friendly web
based software management solution
providing Reliable identity assurance &
support for entire life cycle of the
Passport. It provides integrated
authentication & authorization, support
for Compliance Audits, Integrated Digital
Document Management System.

6. Health Insurance Card
(RSBY & TNHIS) – Smart card solution to
enable quick access to health Insurance
records of the entire BPL (Below Poverty
Line) family. Enables cashless treatment
at Hospital by identifying the beneficiary
with the aid of biometric finger print. We
have issued more than 12 Million Smart
cards in several states in India by the
end of 2009.

7. NREG ID Card – Smart
Card based ID card solution for
recording the attendance as well as
quantity and quality of work done by
the rural work force employed under the
100 days minimum work guarantee
scheme of Government of India. GPS
tagging is also attached to provide work
for the beneficiaries within 5KM radius
from their hometown.

8. Health Card –
Conformance to ISO-21549 standards.
Smart card solution to enable quick
access to health records. Portable EMR
reduces misdiagnosis and mistreatment
from lack of information. The card can
be enabled for multipurpose applications
like ePrescription, Health Insurance, etc.
Enables savings through less duplication
of investigations and errors. Easier
administration and management of
medical plan. Improved awareness of
individual health and treatment, history,
enhanced health and welfare of

9. Eagle’s Smart & Secure –
Electronic Medical Record. Eagle’s Smart
& Secure embedded –EMR is a
professional and secure application used
for storing & retrieving Health
information in a USB device a portable
Digital Personal Health Record. The
need for portable system for medical
records is especially vital during
emergency medical situations.

During these circumstances, it is vital for
the clinicians and emergency care givers
to have access to a patient’s medical
information so that they can safely and
quickly administer treatment.

This ESS-EMR helps the patient to have
a portable device that can electronically
house all your medical history along with
your allergies, medications, clinical
indications like Diabetic, Hypertension as
well as a record of key procedures and
diagnosis done in the past.The system
shall use ISO health informatics and
other non-proprietary standards to
access patient health records through
secure Public encrypted protocols.

10. eglGovernance - E-
governance is to promote and develop
advanced Information and
Communications Technology for
improving the quality and efficiency of
all tasks in the life cycle of legislation,
regulations and other kinds of norms. It
is basically the integration and
streamlining of database available with
the government, helping a decentralized
model of monitoring and controlling
secure data management and
interchange of information.

11. eagle-Stamping – e-
Stamping is a concept of stamping
documents electronically through the
net and payments made without
physically having to stamp the
document. Eagle Software has robust e-
Stamping solutions which is secure and
can be used for electronic fees collection
for taxation and revenue departments.
Enables 24 x 7 operations and low
processing time contributing to higher
efficiency in revenue collection and

12. Smart Identity - Eagle
Software provides secure solution for
smart card Identity for personnel
identification management in large
organizations like Hospitals, Schools,
Universities, Factories, Government
Staff, Library & Clubs, Loyalty Programs
for the retail segment, etc.

13. GSM - Eagle Software's
GSM solutions offers a number of sub-
solutions, including coverage
enhancement solution, fast and quality
network adjustment solution, enhanced
voice and differentiated service
solution, and future-oriented evolution
solution, meeting various application
requirements. The solutions are
customized based on client specifications
and requirements.

? Personalization -
Personalization System provides you
with the best tool for personalizing your
GSM (SIM), SCOSTA cards & ISO 7816
smart cards in the most secure, efficient
and cost-effective workflow

? eglSIMPro - Test & Analyze
the SIM card

? Value Added Service
(VAS) – SMS solutions for Push & Pull
interactive services like payment
gateways, authorization management
for banking, credit cards and online
stock trading.

14. Eagleye – WiFi enabled
RFID based real-time Alert & Tracking
System of personnel, high net worth
equipments in Hospitals, Airports,
Prison, Special children & Senior
Citizens, etc.

15. Online Lottery - Eagle
Software has a range of online
application services and solutions to
drive enterprises to their peak
productivity through optimized
technology implementations and
enhanced business process execution.
Information protection and security in
general for online based applications are
core areas that Eagle Software

Eagle Software Solutions for Online
Lottery has total security protection.
This is a high quality, cost efficient,
faster, secure and reliable online lottery
system. The system advantages are:
• A high quality cost
Efficient, Faster, Secure & Reliable
online Lottery System.
• Ability to scale and
execute customer reach.
• Increased Revenues from
new market opportunity.

16. Online Casino & Gaming –
Robust, Secure, Scalable and Extensible
total life cycle management solutions for
Online Casino and gaming. The Kiosks
can also host terminal solutions for
public service like Bill & Toll collection,
Ticketing and Check-ins.

Areas of Expertise:

System Integration, eGovernance Consulting, Application Software Development, Biometric Services Provider
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
Smart Cards,Biometric Solution, Sim Cards, Chip Operating Syst eGov Applications Other--
Claim Management eGov Applications State Insurance--
Health Care, National ID, Education System eGov Applications Citizen Services--
National Rural Employee Guarantee Scheme eGov Applications Rural Kiosk--
Public Distribution System eGov Applications PDS Automation--
Driving Licence and Registration Certificate Solutions, Vehicle eGov Applications Transport Department--
Certificate TypeCertificate NameValid Till
QualityISO 9001:200810-Jun-2013
awards section

Transforming Governance: A Decade of
eGov & Next Wave of Governance Reforms

India Tomorrow transformed by
Innovation and Technology