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Company Information

Company Name Lemonwhale AB
Established In2008
Registered Address Igeldammsgatan 22 120 26 Stockholm, Sweden
Company Website
Contact NameShashidhar Bhat
Company Facebook Page
Company Twitter Page
Company Linkedin Page
eGovernance Solution PageVideo Portals - OVP, WebTV, MobileTV
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
No. Of Employeesless than 50

Contact Person NameMattias Engvall
Contact Number+91 -762133750
Role in Company Chief Executive Officer
Brief BiographyOn-demand Video Platform solution
provider. Some of our references for non
profit and municipalities are in Sweden.

Areas of Expertise:

Cloud or Hosted Services, Others - Video Portals
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
Online Video Platform (OVP) eGov Applications Citizen Portal--
Web TV Portals (Play TV sites) eGov Applications Citizen Portal--

No Information Available !!!

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