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Company Information

Company Name Posidex Technologies P Ltd
Established In2003
Registered Address #34, 1st Floor, Arvindnagar, Domalguda, Hyderabad 500029 AP India
Company Website
Contact NameBhavanishanker Chitoor

No Information Available !!!

No. Of Employees50-100

Contact Person NameBhavanishanker Chitoor1
Contact Number+91 -9701882424
Role in Company Branch Manager - Sales
Brief BiographyBhavanishanker Chitoor is the Co-
founder and CEO of Posidex
Technologies. Apart from concept
inception to product delivery, he is
guiding direct sales, forging
partnerships with leading system
integrators and developing OEM
partnerships with other technology
companies. He is focused on

Areas of Expertise:

Application Software Development, Packaged Software Provider, Managed Services
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
Deduplication of Ration Cards eGov Applications PDS Automation--
Integrated Taxpayers Data Management System eGov Applications Central Direct Taxes--

No Information Available !!!

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Transforming Governance: A Decade of
eGov & Next Wave of Governance Reforms

India Tomorrow transformed by
Innovation and Technology