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Company Information

Company Name CresTech Software Systems
Established In2005
Registered Address C-4/20 Model Town-III Delhi - 110009
Company Website
Contact NameNavneesh Garg
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
No. Of Employees100-250

Contact Person NameNavneesh Garg
Contact Number+91 -9818072609
Role in Company Head - Sales & Marketing
Brief BiographyHe is a recognized expert specializing in
test automation, test development, and
testing technology management and
have proven success in managing
number of Testing and Automation

Worked for companies like HCL
Technologies, Adobe Systems and hold
Bachelors in Computer Science from NSIT

Areas of Expertise:

Training and Education, Application Software Development, Managed Services
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
Healthcare Automation Solution eGov Applications Social Welfare Automation--

No Information Available !!!

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Transforming Governance: A Decade of
eGov & Next Wave of Governance Reforms

India Tomorrow transformed by
Innovation and Technology