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Company Information

Company Name Sutherland Global Services
Company Previous NameSutherland Global Services
Established In1986
Registered Address1180 Jefferson Rd Rochester, NY, United States
Contact NameKavitha Kumarasamy
Company Linkedin
eGovernance Solution Pagenone
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
Sangeetha C. +91-9940165079 45 A, Velachery main raod ChennaiTamil Nadu
No. Of EmployeesGreater than 10000

Contact Person NameKS Kumar
Contact Number+91 -9867765000
Role in Company Board Member
Brief BiographyHigh-performance, result oriented Chief Commercial Officer specializing in Strategic expansion, Global growth, Business operations, Procurement and Identification of powerful, highly productive, high profile executives.

Areas of Expertise:

Telecom Services, BPO
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
eGovernance eGov Applications Data Transcription--

No Information Available !!!

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Transforming Governance: A Decade of
eGov & Next Wave of Governance Reforms

India Tomorrow transformed by
Innovation and Technology