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Company Information

Company Name Omne Agate Systems
Established In2000
Registered Address99, GREAMS ROAD, 2ND FLOOR, M.N.COMPLEX, CHENNAI - 600 006.
Company Website
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
S.BALAKRISHNAN +91-7401298244 99, Greams Road, 2nd Floor, M.N. Complex, Chennai - 600 006. ChennaiTamil Nadu
No. Of Employees250-500

Contact Person NameS.E.Valavan
Contact Number+91 -7401298241
Role in Company Head - Sales & Marketing
Brief Biographytechnology company delivering IT driven solutions for remote monitoring & control, focusing on Power / Energy utility sector. “System Integrator” established in the year 2000 under Companies Act 1956.

Areas of Expertise:

System Integration, Application Software Development, Biometric Services Provider
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
cloud enablement eGov Applications Other--

No Information Available !!!

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