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Company Information

Company Name Curam Software International Pvt Limited
Established In2000
Registered Address 150/1, Al-Habeeb Infantry Road Bangalore - 560001
Company Website
Contact NameRaghu Kumar
Company Linkedin Page
eGovernance Solution Page
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
+91- BangaloreKarnataka
No. Of Employees500-1000

Contact Person NameAnil Singaraju
Contact Number+91 -8041914002
Role in Company Board Member
Brief Biography

Contact Person NameGraham Stubbs
Contact Number+91 -863805351
Role in Company Regional Manager - Sales
Brief BiographyAs Vice President of Sales for EMEA
Emerging Markets, Graham Stubbs is
responsible for leading our sales,
and partner development activities in
those regions. Stubbs joined Cúram
Software in 2002 and was responsible
for the development of Cúram’s initial
business in the UK and ANZ region.

Areas of Expertise:

eGovernance Consulting, Application Software Development, Packaged Software Provider
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
Cúram for Citizen Self-Service eGov Applications Citizen Services--
Cúram Enterprise Framework eGov Applications Social Welfare Automation--
Certificate TypeCertificate NameValid Till
AccreditationIBM SOA---025-
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Transforming Governance: A Decade of
eGov & Next Wave of Governance Reforms

India Tomorrow transformed by
Innovation and Technology