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Company Information

Company Name Sing Sys Software Services Pvt Ltd
Established In2009
Registered Address A72 Omaxe City Lucknow 226025 (UP)
Company Website
Contact NameSri Narayan Shukla
Company Facebook Page
Company Twitter Page
Company Linkedin Page
Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
No. Of Employees100-250

Contact Person NameSri Narayan Shukla
Contact Number+91 -9839540319
Role in Company Board Member
Brief BiographyWith over 33 years of industry experience, the industry veteran Sri Narayan Shukla has served top-level positions in top companies. Prior to Singsys, he has also worked as Trade Apprentice at Ordnance Factory (Tiruchanapalli), Section Head of Photolithography Department at Semiconductor Laboratory of ISRO (erstwhile Semiconductor Complex Chandigarh) and Principal Engineer (Photolithography) at Global Foundries and owned by Abudhabi Govt. (erstwhile Semiconductor Complex Chandigarh).

Areas of Expertise:

System Integration, eGovernance Consulting, Application Software Development, Packaged Software Provider
Solution NameSolution TypeSolution Sub TypeAction
Mobile app eGov Applications Citizen Services--

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