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Company Information

Company Name MindRiver Group
Established In2003
Registered Address Suite # 512, 4th Floor, Oxford Towers, 139,Airport Road, Kodihalli Bangalore - 560 008, India
Contact NameAntara Pal Chowdhury
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Contact PersonContact NumberAddressCityState
Antara Pal Chowdhury +91-7829555712 7th Floor, RDB Boulevard, K1, EP&GP, Salt Late, Kolkata
No. Of Employees250-500

Contact Person NameSanjay Prasad
Contact Number+91 -9845390053
Role in Company Chief Executive Officer
Brief BiographySanjay Prasad serves as the Chief
Executive Officer at MindRiver
Information Technologies a privately
funded IT Services Company
Incorporate in April 2003.

Sanjay brings to MindRiver 23+ rich
years of experience in sales, marketing
management and technical leadership in
the high tech industry. He has Cross-
functional process and operations
experience and track record in
developing and monetizing new
businesses. Has strong Customer
relationship management expertise with
focus on solutions and consultative
selling with specialized knowledge of
high tech and communications
technologies. Over the years Sanjay
has built strong relationships with
leading Telco's & Enterprises and
possess strong communication, influence
and team leadership skills. Before
MindRiver Sanjay was the Vice President
& Head - Information Technology &
Consulting for WebEx India (Now a
Cisco Company) the country’s premier
audio and web conferencing company
Sanjay has a Graduate Honors degree in
Commerce from the Bombay University
and is born in the year 1969.

Sanjay has been instrumental in growing
MindRiver from a 5 people startup to a
450+ people strong enterprise with
revenues of Four Million US Dollars as on

MindRiver’s main focus areas are IT
Infrastructure Management Services
(IMS), IT Infrastructure Consulting,
Application Support & Maintenance,
Enterprise Systems Integration &
Cloud Computing Solutions

Over the years MindRiver has grown
both in revenues and people at an
average of 150% and today boosts of
some of the most marquee names as its
clients such as Alcatel-Lucent, Mcafee
Software, Symphony Services,
Cognizant, HP, Etisalat, JDA, ABB,
Kingfisher, TATA, ITC and so on. Most
of our clients have experienced are high
levels of quality of services and seen
how MindRiver has added value to their
enterprise and today MindRiver is their
primary IT Services partners.

Phone: +91.80.3052.1600
Fax: +91.80.3057.5775
Corp: Suite # 512, 4th Floor, Oxford
Towers, 139, Airport Road, Bangalore,
Intelligence Center: Suite #104, Oxford
Towers, 139, Airport Road, Bangalore,

Areas of Expertise:

System Integration, Cloud or Hosted Services, Managed Services, Telecom Services
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