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AISECT offers financial inclusion services in Gujarat
AISECT, in collaboration with SBI and Bank of India, has started offering financial inclusion to seven districts of Gujarat, according to a report in Economic Times. The districts include Sabarkantha, Banaskantha, Bahod, Panchmahal, Patan, Rajkot and Mehsana. The company will also add 100 centres, which will offer financial inclusion services, in a few months.
Under the financial inclusion programme, the company aims to provide banking and financial services to the unbanked areas of the state. The financial services will include account opening, deposit-withdrawal, opening of recurring deposit accounts, flexi FDRs, issuing of ATM cards and opening of accounts of minors, the report said.
"In India, the scenario of financial inclusion is no better than it is in other parts of the world. India has approximately 6,50,000 villages, in which around 70% of the country's population lives. However, only about 36,000 villages are said to have access to banking services," Abhishek Pandit, Director, Business Services, AISECT told ET.

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