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Jharkhand gets online road permit system to check tax evasion

The Jharkhand commercial taxes department in Ranchi has launched an e-road permit for goods moving out of the state. According to a report in The Times of India, the e-permit system was launched by advisor to the governor Madhukar Gupta in the presence of his colleague K Vijay Kumar and chief secretary R S Sharma at the secretariat.


The new system of online permit will reduce the rush of the people at the commercial tax offices and make it a hassle-free process leading to increased revenue generation. The current system is fraught with problems because many people try to evade taxes because of the complicated process and many try to use the same permit again and again. 


The report quoted the state commercial taxes secretary M R Meena as saying that the online permit system would help the department keep a watch on movement of raw materials and finished products out of Jharkhand. 


He added, according to the report, that the online permit system will be official from May 31 and till then the manual permit will also be in use and anyone not using the online permit after May 31 will be liable for penal action. The permit will be available only for 24 hours. 


The report quoted him as saying that the state will conduct manual checks on interstate borders so that traders who violate the rule are punished.

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